About Us

Crystal is a Wagga local who has worked in various industries such as beauty, fashion and retail. All of these jobs have allowed her to use her amazing skills in creativity. On her journey she found she had a flare and passion for hunting out unique furniture pieces and transforming them into something beautiful again. She started spending all her spare time seeking out these hidden treasures. Each piece she rescues from a local home, warehouse or shed ,and then spends hours lovingly giving then a makeover and restoring them so they have new lease on life.  This lead Crystal to starting her highly successful business Hoarders and Collectors, which has been growing over the years through local markets and social media.  The next step in the journey was to open a space to showcase these amazing pieces.  

Rebekah was born in Batlow but spent her final years studying fashion in Wagga as a teenager. Moving to Sydney to follow her passion. She spent years and a buyer, clothing designer and production manager in the fashion industry. These jobs gave her the opportunity to travel and spend time in countries like India, Vietnam, Nepal and Hong Kong bringing back beautifully hand crafted products to the Australian customer.  

After years in Sydney Rebekah moved back to Wagga to spend time with family and was lucky enough to meet.  A friendship soon developed and talk lead to them realising they both had a dream. The dream was to  hunt out amazing, unique and interesting pieces and present them  in a new and exciting way to the people of Wagga. 

The first step was to hunt out the perfect place to make their  home.  They wanted something special and Unique to go with their business model, not just another retail store.  After months  of searching the perfect location became available, Cadell Place was not just another retail space. 

The View of The Huntress is to become a retail store that finds the beautiful combination of products from small businesses around Australia. Bringing it together to form a store that appeals to Bohemians or  like-minded people.