Bee one of a kind

Bee one of a kind

Bee one of a kind Awakening face serum and deodorant

I recently discovered the beautiful Bee one of a kind range and I am hooked. It is a collection of handcrafted natural skincare and self care products designed to inspire women to prioritise their Well being and practice self kindness. I am a no fuss, basic beauty regime kind of girl So once I find something that works for me I wont look for a replacement, that was until I discovered this range.

When Rebekah and I were sourcing products for our new store we wanted to use Australian small businesses, products made using natural ingredients and that were beautifully packaged. Bee one of a kind ticked all those boxes. I have always wanted to try a natural deodorant but when I would read the reviews they never gave me faith that they would actually work. When the delivery arrived everything looked devine and I wanted to take it all home. I reigned myself in and decided because I’m no fuss and honestly lazy when it comes to my beauty regime that I would take baby steps, keep it simple and just try the deodorant and awakening face serum. I was running low on my current moisturiser and it was easier to try the serum than to go buy more moisturise haha.

I'm really paranoid about body odour so trying something other than the deodorant brand I have used since I was 15 (now pushing 40) was a huge step for me and not one I thought I would ever do. I have thyroid issues and with all the research I have done over the years I have learnt that spraying or rolling chemicals like perfume and deodorant onto my glands is doing more harm than good. I made the switch from perfume to essential oils 2 years ago and never looked back. Now I just needed to find the right deodorant to replace my chemically based one with.

For two days the deodorant sat in the bathroom cabinet next to my current one just staring at me every time I reached for my chemically based one. On the third day I decided I would go a day without deodorant and see how I smelt at the end of the day so the next day I would have something to compare to. So I finally took the leap and started to use it daily and I didn't smell. YAY. For the first two weeks I would smell my shirts at the end of the day just to make sure lol after exercising, working in the shed all day or at work when I’m layered with clothes and under the heaters my smell was still neutral. I was really impressed. I thought using a stick to apply would be inconvenient but it literally takes seconds and you use the tiniest amount (size of a pea) so my jar has lasted a month now and i'm not even halfway through it. .So for a small pot and $16.95 It’s great value for money. If you have had doubts about trying a natural deodorant don't, just do it and you will be hooked like me.

Now the face serum ……. It is designed for mature/dry skin and it is amazing. My skin is quite oily at times so I try to use as little as possible on my face and because the serum is oil based (pure rice bran and organic macadamia oil) I was only planning on using it in winter when my face is a little dry, boy was i wrong. I have been using it daily for a little over 2 months now and have just started my second bottle this week. I find my skin is softer and brighter and I don't need to wear foundation. I just apply the serum and some mascara and I’m ready to go about my day. If I do wear foundation I have found it glides on over my skin now and feels like silk. This revitalising and restorative caffeine enriched serum was just what my tired skin needed.

If you don't think you have mature skin there is also a soothing serum for those with sensitive/combination skin that is rich with vitamin E oil. I have not tried the soothing serum yet but I have teenagers with moody skin that I’m sure will love it. I highly recommend trying the Bee one of a kind range. These are just two products in the beautiful range you should try, they also have bath salts, skinfood scrub and magnesium oil for those tired muscles.

.     Crystal xx

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