I Love Furniture

I Love Furniture

I love furniture with a story. 20 years ago in Wagga there was a local furniture store that manufactured their own furniture called Timberart. My friend Dan, his parents owned it and I used to love stopping by the store if I was skipping school and looking at all the beautiful and unique pieces they had created. After Dan finished school he then joined the family business too which gave me another reason to keep popping in to say hi and admiring their work.

Originally they were in the top block of Baylis street but later on moved down to Fitzmaurice st and would you believe their store was in the very building our beautifully boutique now stands. Their style and quality of work was top of the line so anyone who purchased a piece of their art probably still has it today. I know my sister still has her whitewash tv stand from them and won’t part with it anytime soon hahaha.

Earlier this week a lovely customer of ours offered us this hall stand that they had to part with due to moving. It’s a basic timber hall table but to me it’s so much more.

wagga timber furniture

I love that I could work on one of their beautiful handmade pieces and give it a little freshen up but still keep some of the original features like the aged markings/dents in the timber and their brass name plate.

I also kept their stamp at the back and now I’ll be able to add mine next to it 😉


 This beautifully updated simple hall table is now in the store and looking for a new home to love it for another 20 years


xx Crystal


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