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Crystal Quartz Singing bowl 14” note F

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F Note 

Clear and realign with our beautiful Crystal Singing Bowls.

Tuned to the perfect pitch to work with each Chakra or energy centre, and made from 99% crushed Quartz Crystal, Crystal Singing Bowls are an amazing ritual of wellness to bring into your life.

They can be used in sound healing, to clear energy in any space, clear other crystals and in meditation.

The crushed quartz is heated to a very high temperature and once set, they are tested to determine the musical note. Each note resonates with a different Chakra of the body to promote clearing and healing in that energy centre.

Quartz crystal produces pure tone. The cells of the human body have a natural geometrical relationship to the structure of clear quartz therefore the sound produced affects the body and brain, signalling an order that allows consciousness to travel into altered states of awareness, making it perfect for use in meditation. The repetitive motion of running the striker around the bowl to create the song is wonderful for mindfulness and the resonance will allow your consciousness to expand.

To use for clearing crystal’s energy, place your crystals in the bottom of the bowl on a soft fabric so as not to damage the bowl and give them a sound bath.

Playing the bowl is a beautifully intuitive practice. You will come to understand your bowl over time and how best to play it. A firm and constant pressure while running the striker around the bowl is key.

Includes rubber ring for the bowl to sit on and a suede mallet. 


Crown Chakra / B Note – The meeting point between the physical body and the universe and soul, the Crown Chakra is all about spiritual connection and transformation; a gateway to the divine. The Crown Chakra elevates gratitude for life and is the centre of enlightenment and awareness. A balanced Crown Chakra enhances feelings of serenity, joy and deep peace, it inspires and provides a sense of your own divinity and the awareness that you are an infinite soul having a human experience.

Third Eye Chakra / A Note - The visionary and spiritual connection centre, clearing this chakra will allow you to become more intuitive, connected to your spirituality and perceive from a higher perspective. A clear third eye will provide clarity, deep contemplation and self reflection.

Pineal Chakra / A Note – The Pineal glad lies deep inside the centre of the brain & is our hub for spiritual connection & physical wellness. It regulates melatonin, balances hormone production & maintains our circadian rhythm. Linked closely with the Third Eye, the Pineal Chakra is our centre of intuition, it is a gateway to the soul’s liberation & associated with the concept of spiritual sovereignty. Activating the Pineal gland will deepen our intuition & help us embody those feelings we may find difficult to grasp or convey; we simply become them. A clear pineal Chakra will expand all aspects of our life because it provides clarity of emotion, & what we feel we create.

Zeal Chakra / G Note - aka the Mouth of God or Well of Dreams, is located at the indentation at the back of the skull where it joins the spine. It links closely with the upper spiritual, throat & heart chakras, allowing the gift of a fully conscious mind that can express authentically through voice. This chakra governs the sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous systems & several other automatic functions; it is the gatekeeper to your state of consciousness & expands psychic ability. It assists in balancing the 7 main chakras & can ignite the Kundalini awakening within. It is the only chakra that actively channels energy into the body & is closely linked to Lemurian & Atlantian civilisations. Activating the Zeal Point Chakra allows universal divinity to flow through us & opens the gateway between realms, connecting us with source & our Starseed family.

Throat Chakra / G Note - encourages you to honour and speak your truth, assists with communication and self expression, healing this energy centre allows your authentic voice and light to shine.

Heart Chakra / F Note – Our centre of compassion, empathy, love and forgiveness. The heart chakra is special because it is the exact halfway point of the chakra system and the unifier of the physical and spiritual chakras by connecting the lower three chakras with the upper three chakras. The heart chakra acts as the bridge between the earth and spirit. A healed Heart Chakra will enable deeper connection with self and others.

Solar Plexus / E Note – Our centre of personal power. The Solar Plexus governs personality, ego and identity, as well as personal freedom, choice and authenticity. A clear Solar Plexus will allow your life purpose to unfold and help to reduce uncertainty and procrastination.

Sacral Chakra / D Note – Our emotional and pleasure centre, the home of creativity, sensuality and emotion. Clearing this centre will allow creativity and sensuality to flow freely and you will unlock deeper layers of emotion and the pleasures in life.

Base Chakra / C Note – Our grounding Chakra, this is the area of the etheric body where our ambitions, interest in life and sex drive originates. Responsible for our survival instincts, a cleared Base Chakra will allow you to feel confident and decisive in your conviction and ease feelings of anxiety and depression.