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Sacred Geometry Set - Rose Quartz

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  • Rose quartz chakra: rose quartz is a crystal of unconditional love and associated with the heart chakra. Rose quartz is a calming crystal, believed to encourage love, acceptance and stability. It is stone for taurus zodiac governed by the planet venus.
  • Sacred geometry set gift: this crystal geometric set is perfect gift for your beloved. With its characteristics of healing, it can be used as a gift give for chakra healing or a gift of warmth to a loved one to bring not only balance but also good luck, prosperity, wealth, bring happiness, joy etc.
  • Geometric shapes- 1. Tetrahedron (4 triangular faces - representing the fire element), 2. Cube or hexahedron (6 square faces - representing the earth element), 3. Octahedron (8 triangular faces - representing the air element), 4. Icosahedron (20 triangular faces - representing the water element), and 5. Dodecahedron (12 pentagonal faces -representing the ether/aether or universe element).