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Book - Why Woo Woo Works: The Surprising Science Behind Meditation, Reiki, Crystals and Other Alternative Practices

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Why should we meditate? How can crystals heal your mind and body? Why is astrology often so insightful? Using scientific evidence, David Hamilton, PhD offers in-depth evidence to prove why we shouldn't disregard alternative therapies.

With a background in the pharmaceutical industry, David Hamilton, PhD, much-loved author of 11 best-selling books, has been studying the mind-body connection and the power of thought for many years, finding proof, time and again, of why and how alternative therapies can work. In his trademark conversational tone, David has divided the book into four subject groups and their modalities-

Physical- the mind-body connection, how belief affects the body, and meditation
Emotional- how emotions are stored in your body, the link between suppressed emotions and disease
Energetic- Reiki and crystals
Consciousness- prayer, distant healing, astrology, and modern scientific and philosophical ideas surrounding consciousness

Why Woo Woo Works provides scientific proof of why we shouldn't discount alternative therapies and healing modalities and will turn skeptics to the bright side!